Astrology Consultations

My Approach

I have an eclectic approach to astrology. As a student of astrology for nearly 50 years, I have explored several different schools of astrology. I am primarily a modern western astrologer that draws from the Evolutionary School that has its roots in the seminal work of Dane Rudhyar, the Esoteric Astrology of the 7 Rays, in addition, I have also been strongly influenced by the pragmatic works of C.C. Zain, C.E.O. Carter, Alan Leo, Charles Jayne, and the techniques of the brilliant 16th century astrologer, Morinus. As a consequence, I counsel people on whatever level they are on. If your focus is on your soul’s purpose for this life, I can draw upon the techniques of evolutionary astrology and Esoteric astrology to help you discover this. If your focus is primarily money and career or relationships and love life, I can help you in that area too.

All consultations are recorded as an MP3 file for your convenience (MP3 file sent electronically). Once you have decided on the service you want to use contact me for payment and scheduling information.

Finding Your Birth Time

Without an exact birth time, I cannot produce an accurate natal chart. In most cases, the birth time is listed on your birth certificate. If you do not have your original birth certificate or the time is not indicated on your copy, you can request one from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. This bureau, often called the Bureau of Births and Deaths or the Bureau of Records, is maintained by the state government located in your birth state capital. Online resources are typically available for most state governments.

Consultation Types

Natal Chart Interpretation

The natal chart is the foundation chart for your life. It reflects the sum total of your evolutionary development up to the moment of birth and provides indications of your potential talents, opportunities, and karmic challenges. It also provides some strong indications of your emotional expression, relationship style, vocational aptitudes, and wealth potential.

The natal chart helps answer the questions: Who am I? What are my talents? What are my karmic challenges? Do I have the aptitude to be my own boss or should I work for someone else? Should I work with a business partner or be my own boss? Do you have a predisposition for certain types of health challenges?

The natal chart consultation also includes a brief overview of major outer planet transits and secondary progressions active during the time of your consultation. A free natal report and numerology report will be included with the consultation.

12 Month Forecast

This consultation covers major turning points in your life during this time period related to all areas of your life (money, career, health, relationships, friends, children, etc.) During the consultation, I will examine the major transits, secondary progressions, and solar arc directions that are active during the coming year. This forecast is ideal if you are planning to make important decisions. Astrology’s forte is timing the best time to make important changes in your life. You will also receive a free New Moon and Full Moon Report.

Compatibility Consultation

This consultation analyzes the relationship of two people in terms of their romance potential and compatibility in every area of their lives such as communication, sex, money, and career. In addition to comparing person A’s placement with person B, I will also examine the relationship as a whole by examining the composite chart. I can also do a compatibility analysis for non romantic relationships such as business partners or friends.

Electional Astrology Consultation

Do you want to pick an auspicious date and time to get married, start a business, have surgery, take a vacation, start a new job, sell your home, go out on a first date, etc.? Electional astrology is a technique used by astrologers to select the best time to start a new activity based on the influences operating in your natal chart and other related directions and their synchronicity with planetary influences in the current sky.

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If you have more questions, you can also leave a text message at (470) 253-0686, or you can email me by completing the Request an Appointment form on this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

For consultations, be sure to include your month, day, year, time of birth and source of birth time (birth certificate, mother, etc.), city and state of birth. For the numerology report, include your full name as it appeared on your birth certificate and your current name.

You can have your session via Telephone, Zoom or Whatsapp to virtually any location.

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