Preparing from an Esoteric Astrological Perspective

Ronald B. Tiggle, PhD

Every 2150 years, as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, our solar system moves into a part of the cosmos that differs radically in terms of the energy present in the band of space astrologers often refer to as the “zodiacal belt.” As our solar system moves from the Age of Pisces into the energy field of Aquarius, many changes will occur on the planet Earth. Every life form in every kingdom will experience change over the next 2000 years as a result of the impact of the high vibration energy of Aquarius.

1 We are moving from water (emotion and ideals) to air (intellect and ideas); from blind devotion to a scientific knowledge of the laws of nature. The energy shifts from a mystical desire to merge with God and escape suffering on earth to merging spirit with matter by manifesting heaven on earth. The age of Pisces was characterized by the predominance of the 6th Ray of devotion and the Aquarian Age is bringing in the 7th Ray of ceremonial magic along with the 5th Ray of scientific knowledge.

An example of this 7th Ray energy is Soul infusion. The Soul is group conscious, it has an awareness of all Souls, so, it is omniscient. Aquarius is an air sign and represents the mind and society. During this time of transition the key development for humanity will be the building of the bridge from the conscious mind to the superconscious mind to provide a gateway to the source of all knowledge and wisdom, which is the Soul. It is a time for focus on the development of intuition. The age of Aquarius will be the Golden Age of enlightenment for humanity – an age of brotherhood, expanded spiritual awareness, greater group consciousness, an increased capacity for mental development and dramatic new technologies.

How can we recognize the signs of the incoming Aquarian energies so we can more readily cooperate and be in alignment with these changes, which are beginning to demonstrate on the outer planes of life? One key way is to consider the rulership of Aquarius. Basically, there are three parts designated to this rulership according to Djwhal Khul in Esoteric Astrology:

1. Exoteric, which is Uranus and 7th Ray
2. Esoteric, which is Jupiter and 2nd Ray
3. Hierarchical, which is the Moon and 4th Ray

“The Master Djwhal Khul, or the Master D. K. as He is frequently called, is [an] adept on the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. He is the latest of the adepts taking initiation, having taken the fifth initiation in 1875… He is profoundly learned, and knows more about the rays andplanetary Hierarchies of the solar system than anyone else in the ranks of the Masters. He works with those who heal, and co-operates unknown and unseen with the seekers after truth in the world’s great laboratories, with all who definitely aim at the healing and solacing of the world, and with the great philanthropic world movements such as the Red Cross. He occupies Himself with various pupils of different Masters who can profit by His instruction, and within the last ten years has relieved both the Master M. [Morya] and the Master K. H. [Koot Hoomi] of a good deal of Their teaching work, taking over from Them for certain stated times some of Their pupils and disciples. He works largely, too, with certain groups of the devas of the ethers, who are the healing devas, and who thus collaborate with Him in the work of healing some of the physical ills of humanity.” 2

Djwhal Khul states that the rays 7,2,4 are “pre-eminently the rays which determine the final stages of man’s progress” He also says, “The seventh ray brings into expression upon the physical plane the major pair of opposites – spirit and matter – and relates them to each other, producing eventually one functioning whole. The second ray gives soul expression and spiritual consciousness and also the power to pour out love and wisdom upon the earth whilst the fourth ray indicates the field of service and the mode of attaining the goal. This mode or method is that of conflict and struggle in order to reach harmony and thus express all truly human characteristics.”

The astrological symbol for Aquarius represents a stream of water, the water of knowledge the Water Bearer, as the servant of humanity, pours out to quench the thirst of the world for this mental feeding. As an air sign of fixed quality, it is an element in which the will is largely motivated by the reasoning process – whether sound or unsound. The air element is also associated with interpersonal relationships and in Aquarius, relationships with friends and groups will be a more impersonal nature.

Aquarius in general is associated with inventions, revolutions, humanitarian activities, waves of all types, such as light waves, sound waves and gravitational waves. In addition to these, there are electronics, mental telepathy, psychology, society, legislative bodies, friends, air travel, and mental disorders that are also associated with Aquarius.

As humanity moves from the emotionally muddled Age of Pisces to the enlightened Aquarian Age, we may expect a major shift in the consciousness of humanity away from the emotional polarization toward greater mental polarization. “Polarization means the level (or plane) on which the individual’s consciousness is habitually focused (physical, astral, mental or spiritual). Today, the majority of humanity is polarized at the astral level of consciousness.

Being mentally polarized allows the soul to work through the mental body and destroy the glamour of the astral plane. Every act of the mind that controls the activity of the emotional body and regulates it to its proper place is an aid to eventual mental polarization.” 3 This new mentality of humanity will not be limited to the concrete mind, but will be overlayered with a deeper understanding of our spiritual roots, stimulated by Uranus and the 7th Ray. The development of intuition will lead to extended perception (etheric vision) and telepathy, as well as a greater sense of brotherhood and group consciousness.

Intuition is an absolute knowing. It is the perception that occurs when mind, body, emotions, and spirit are all simultaneously active and integrated while being completely focused in the present moment. It is the absolute clarity of awareness that results in knowing what is best, real and appropriate in any given situation, with full confidence and trust, where verification is unnecessary. It is that knowing of exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.

When this mental capacity is fully developed, there is also a bridging of worlds of the conscious and the super conscious. Healed is the fissure separating us from our spiritual, eternal self – the Soul. We experience the unified Oneness of all things as we are intimately connected and co-creators with all life. When our intuition is fully functioning, we trust the higher, balanced energy of each moment and every situation. When our intuition is activated, we operate with such synchronicity that occurrences we now perceive as miracles are a normal state of events. No longer will we be bound by the limitations of time and space and we will have ready access to the rain cloud of knowable things.

“Developing your intuition gives you insight into your life. With greater insight you are more clear to serve as a vehicle for Light for the planet and its inhabitants. You think better and respond in a balanced way, thereby avoiding the creation of additional karma.”4

The revelations will lead to great changes in humanity’s attitude toward law, politics, economics, marriage, medicine, and every other facet of life. Certainly two of the greatest global examples in these changes politically would be the ending of apartheid in South Africa and more recently, the historical rise of a young, Black junior senator to the position of Democratic nomination for president of the United States. Then there is the opposite of this unification with the elections in Zimbabwe and the wars and genocide occurring on the planet. While positive change is evident, there is still a tremendous amount of evolving that must take place. It is indeed a time of transition.

With the coming of the Aquarian Age, no longer will a few powerful families be allowed to control the wealth of the world at the expense of the masses. A more equitable distribution of world resources will occur under the leadership of the new “World government.” A fairer system of compensation for labor will emerge. As a result of advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and the redistribution of wealth, the work week for the average person will be reduced and humanity will have more time to pursue the arts and spiritual development.

The increased sense of group consciousness that will be experienced by humanity will express through greater cooperation and goodwill among world leaders. The “state of siege mentality” that now exists among world leader will eventually dissipate. The sense of brotherhood will be strong among world leaders, as opposed to the selfish interests which now predominate.

Education will be the great light of the Aquarian Age. It will be through education that the masses will begin to exercise their mental bodies to such an extent that the focus of awareness for humanity will shift from the astral/emotional plane to the mental plane. The Aquarian educational process will consist of both practical academic training and training in the occult sciences and fundamentals of the Ageless Wisdom.

Focus on exploratory processes, creative thinking, and the learning of concepts and principles rather than rote memorization, is the goal of the new educational process, as well as the development of an informed and independent thinking populace capable of making decisions for their communities.

Also, knowledge in science and technologies will take a quantum leap forward. The science of vibration in regard to sound, music, words, light, color and gravity will be investigated on a large scale. Computers will eventually approach very close to the speed of light in their ability to do computations as scientists use light as a medium of signal transmission rather than electrical impulses. And example of this emerging technology is the semiconductor lasers, first realized in 1962, which are the lasers most widely used in fiber optics today. Physicists and aeronautical engineers will discover how to nullify the effect of gravity, and in the process will be able to build what we refer to today as “flying saucers.”

Major breakthroughs will occur in medicine. The medical field will learn to heal patients by making adjustments in biomagnetic field (etheric double). New types of medication will be developed that will be capable of balancing the energies in a person’s field and longevity will increase as most diseases are either eradicated or controlled. At the edge of such discoveries are current breakthroughs in the development of micronutrients that can make adjustments to the biochemistry such as promote satiety to prevent and cure obesity.

In Age of Aquarius, the institution of marriage will change significantly. The masterslave relationship that characterized marriage between men and women during the Piscean age of bondage will be transformed into a partnership of equality; a partnership in which both partners are given the freedom to develop along individual lines.

In short, the Aquarian Age will be an age of great opportunity and growth for humankind. It represents a unique blend of opposites – spirit and matter. This blend expresses in the Aquarian Age as group consciousness, group service, soul focus and high technology developments. Its beginning will signal the return of the Christ and the externalization of the Hierarchy. As we move from the age of the emotional to the age of the mental, one would benefit greatly from the development of the mental body so at to be in sync with the vibration of this current transitional time.

1 Art credit

2 Alice A. Bailey. Initiation, Human and Solar. Lucis Trust, 1925